Saturday, August 16, 2014

Loading raw stones in Chiweshe

loading opal stones from the mine in Chiweshe into a small truck for transportation 200km to the workshop.

woman's torso

The type of stone used to carve the woman's torso is green opal stone

Tools of the trade

In the photo are some of the tools that used by the sculptors in Zimbabwe when they carve the hard stones

Beautifull lady in Mvurwi town

Sculptures are known to add beauty to place as in the sculpture Beautiful lady. The sculpture in the photo is in Mvurwi town in Zimbabwe where the famous stone springstone used to carve the sculpture is mined.

The african buck

 The artist in the photo, Witness Chimika, is inspired by wildlife, most of his sculptures are of animals and nature. He grew up herding cattle and goats in the rural Zimbabwe. Today he is a member of Chitungwiza arts community and he is also a popular mbira player.